Art Director & Visual Designer

WeFinance Brand & Web Design


Crowdfunded loans with terms set by you, not a bank.


Tap into your network to fund your dreams

WeFinance is helping their users crowdfund loans that benefit both the borrowers and lenders. Users can reach their financial goals by requesting pledges from their friends, family, and from WeFinance’s own community circle.  The team reached out interested in creating brand identity, illustrations, iconography, and web UX/UI.

My role: Art Director, Logo, Branding, Web UI/UX, Illustrations and Iconography
CEO: Eric Mayefsky  |  Company size: 4   |   Year: 2016 - 2017


Project Goals

The team came to me to create a new brand identity to better reflect our user's values. Most of Wefinance's users are students and a lot of the events were at college campuses. The users are also tech savvy and used to visually engaging technology brands. We needed to balance being reliable and trustworthy with social and friendly. Different than other FinTech companies at the time, WeFinance was the only one that heavily revolved around networking with family and friends and the WeFinance community. The brand should feel warmer and friendlier, and that's how I opted to develop it. After all, the company was all about creating a community of reliable members who are helping each other out to achieve their dreams.


Each circle on our logo represents
communities you belong in: your circle
of friends, family, and WeFinance.


Web Design

Our primary goal for the website was to create a website with enough information for users and users within their circle to feel comfortable, confident and safe using our services. Using our new Brand Guidelines and with the help of our Marketing and Growth team we were able to create a website that was easy  and simple to navigate. 


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