Art Director & Visual Designer

Robinhood Android App


Democratizing America’s financial system.


Investing. Now for the rest of us.

Robinhood is a Palo Alto based fintech startup who made their debut as an easy to use app offering zero commission trading. Our main focus was on creating an elegant and intuitive app for our users.

My role: Senior Product Designer (in-house)
Creative Director: Zane Bevan  |  Company size: 32  |   Year: 2015


The Design Team

I started working for Robinhood in June 2015 as their second Product Designer — at the time the company was at 32 employees. I worked closely with our Creative Director, Zane Bevan, and our founders in creating great UI/UX for our Android and iOS mobile apps.


Android App’s First Release
UX/UI Sign-up Flow

Robinhood didn’t have an Android app yet and when I joined I was tasked to designing it. At the time, Material Design had recently launched and our team wanted to embrace the new design rules set by Google and provide our Android user base a experience which was custom made for their platform. I’ll be walking you through the process on for our Sign-Up flow.


Our Users

We didn’t have a ton of data since Robinhood was still a young start-up, but we were able to gather some data from our iOS app.

• Lives in urban cities in the United States
• Between 20-35 years old, single
• In college or young professional
• Mid-high income
• Tech Savvy, Android user

Behaviors and Assumptions:
• Wants an easy to use app experience
• Gets annoyed when Android app looks like an after-thought
• Knows about stock investment, but doesn’t completely understand it
• Nervous about joining a financial app for security reasons

Points of entry:
• Organic searches on search engines
• Search for reviews online
• Email referrals
• News Articles


The Goals

  1. Create an easy and intuitive app

  2. Implement new design rules set by Material Design

  3. Design a flow that explains services well and emphasizes security

Business Goal: Have users go all the way through the sign-up flow.


It was really great to be able to help and drive the creation of the Robinhood Android App, and the final product was well received and even got a Google Design Award.

Google I/O 2016, Robinhood was presented with the Google Play Award for Best Use of Material Design.
— Google Material Design Awards