Art Director & Visual Designer

Robinhood Android & iOS App


My role: Senior Product Designer (in-house)

Creative Director: Zane bevan
Company size: 35  |  Industry: Finance  |  Year: 2015


The company

Robinhood is democratizing stock trading by making a free to use and trade app. Their user base consists of college students and millennials. During my stay at Robinhood I designed UX/UI for the sign-up flow for our Android app, and added a scan ID feature to our sign-up flow for our iOS app. In addition, I developed our Design Core UI for mobile apps, iconography, and illustrations.


Android App: First release

Robinhood didn’t have an Android app yet, and when I joined I was tasked to design it. At the time, Material Design launched recently, but not many apps were embracing it, so I made sure to embrace it and interlace Robinhood’s brand into it.

We decided to stick with the flow created for iOS. Before I started designing our visual language, I read all Material Design guides available as well as talking to our Android engineers to make sure the design was something our Android users were familiar with. I decided to use more color blocking for information presented to mold better to Material Design, as well as adding more life into the app. I particularly like the color change between the Robinhood and the "Access Bank Account" on the flow, the user can easily tell which flow they are in.


To minimize communication between Engineering and Design on back forth on what is final and what isn't, I started developing Android's Core UI, which documented global and feature Colors, Type Sizes, Button Styles, Spacing and Interaction. This deck was something our Engineering team were very excited and with it we were able to streamline our sprints. 



One of the things most absolutely love about Android is all the great visual queues for the user! When I learned of my opportunity to do some fun illustrations I jumped right on it. Robinhood didn't have a solid brand foundation, so we ended up having illustrations matching Google's brand not our own, which I felt needed to change in the future. Our brand should have our own illustration style, however we were tight for time so we just ended up following the same Google illustration style. Still love it though!



It was really great to be able to drive the creation of the Robinhood Android App, and the final product was well received and even got a Google Design Award. Bellow is a sample of some of the screens I designed.

Google I/O 2016, Robinhood was presented with the Google Play Award for Best Use of Material Design.
— Material Design Awards

iOS App: Adding ID Scanner to flow

This project was about adding a "Scan ID" feature on our iOS app, which would eliminate the need for the user to manually enter their personal information. I worked closely with our PM and the third-party responsible for extracting the document's information.


Using some of our already established UI for iOS, and going through the process of understanding the requirements needed to extract the information for our third-party scanning service, I was able to create the additional screens to allow users to scan their documentations. The flow is easy, intuitive, and delightful.


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