Art Director & Visual Designer

Resonai Brand & Web Design


Discover new realities.


Compelling AR experiences. Anywhere. Anytime.

Resonai brings visual perception to the platforms of today – and tomorrow – by understanding the digital and physical world in 3D. This unlocks exciting possibilities for augmented reality, and new realities for all. The team is located in Palo Alto, California, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

My role: Art Director, Branding, Imagery, and Web UI/UX
VP Marketing: Sean Lindo  |  Company size: 12  |  Year: 2018


Project Goals

I was brought in to help elevate the visual language established on Resonai’s website. Working with the Marketing team, we were able to create website a content flow which highlighted all the great features Resonai AI brings with bright and approachable imagery and UI.


A new take on branding

The old website had a very dark color palette which was reminiscent of science fiction movies and video-game themes. The team wanted to move away from being seen as more than just a gaming tool, but also a tool that can be used in a multitude of use-cases such as retail and real state. Moving the brand towards a brighter and more approachable tone would help them move towards those industries, and at the same time not completely alienate their current base by pulling a lot of the new color palette from the logo.


Photography and Imagery

Because the company was very young, we didn’t have many professional images to draw from to use on the new website. In order to get the website done before the due date, I discussed with the team on pulling together different stock images to create a living room scenario which show cases the AR experience the user would have by using Resonai, and another image showcasing our the scanning experience and object matching feature.