Open Placement

Open Placement


INDUSTRY: health, senior care


Brading process

Numina collects data in physical spaces in a mission to make urban streets safe again.

They are a B2B company who deals mainly with government officials and urban planner, helping them design and plan cities to make them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Their services provides a way to survey a street intersection in a efficient and affordable way making city planning making more dynamic and accurate.

After taking a look on products alike in the field, it was easy to see that Numina could stand alone as the most innovative and tech forward service the field has seen in a long time. We wanted our brand to feel new and tech forward but also making it strong and grounded to provide confidence within city officials.



The logo is broken down into Logo Type and Logo Mark, both can be used together or separate. Our Logo borrows from both simple and chaotic elements such as the solid pedestrian crosswalk and strong buildings representative of our modern cities, to unpredictable and chaotic behaviors and patterns the hustle and bustle of the cities leaves behind. 

Keeping with our strong connection to the environmental study and design community, I wanted to bring some reminiscing feelings from Early Modern Architecture, where simple lines create the most impact.


Our logo represents both the simple and chaotic aspects of behavior and patterns from our city streets.



One place we wanted to use colors was with iconography. Here we use color intentionally to visually show what color and icon represent a bicycles, pedestrians, wheelchairs, etc.


Brand Guideline 

After figuring out our brand elements, we were able to create a Brand Guideline document. This document helps us understand our overall design vision, and visual language cohesiveness to create additional material, like stationery below.