Art Director & Visual Designer

Numina Brand


Making urban streets pedestrian safe.


Gathering data to learn about  street behaviors and patterns with a high-tech street sensor.

Numina collects data in physical spaces in a mission to make urban streets safe for bicycles and pedestrians. The sensor uses a high-tech artificial intelligence sensor to survey busy street intersections with reliable, efficient and affordable data collection for any city. The team reached out to for a consumer facing re-brand, website design, illustration, and iconography.

My role: Brand identity, Web Design, Illustration, Iconography, Web & Mobile UI/UX
CEO: Tara Pham  |  Company size: 6  |  Year: 2017-2019


Project Goals

We wanted the brand to be minimal and bold. Numina's logo borrows from both simple and familiar shapes, as well as path patterns seen on urban streets — such as  a pedestrian crosswalk and skyscrapers. Keeping those elements in mind, I also wanted to add reminiscing tones from early modern architecture, where simple and bold lines created the most visual impact. Color is to be used very intentionally to bring attention to behaviors or actions to be taken as seen on the illustrations and icons.