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Brading process

WeFinance is a company helping people crowdfund loans that benefit both the borrowers and lenders.

We want to help people reach their goals by requesting pledges from their friends, family, and WeFinance’s own circle. This need to connect coupled with the social nature of the company is what inspired the brand re-design. Our target audience is students between the ages of 18-35, we needed to make sure our brand is appealing enough to get them excited about using our services. Strategically our goals were to: (i) position WeFinance as a friendly and social fintech company (ii) create a sense of community among the users (iii) balance our brand’s friendliness with confidence and security. 


Each circle on the logo represents communities you belong in: your circle of friends, family, and WeFinance.



We wanted to have friendly illustrations, but not be overly friendly. The illustrations are simple and use only 3 colors black, white and yellow. The iconography uses the same styling as the illustrations, and have their own personality.


Brand Guideline 

After figuring out our brand elements, we were able to create a Brand Guideline document. This document helps us understand our overall design vision, and visual language cohesiveness to create additional material, like little pamphlets like the one below.


WEb Design process

Our primary goal for the website was to create a website with enough information for users to feel confident and safe in using our services. Using our new Brand Guidelines and with the help of our Marketing and Growth team we were able to create a website that was easy to navigate and guided our users through the funnel.


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