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BuildingConnected Brand & Web Design


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BuildingConnected is a San Francisco startup who is changing the way construction professionals bid for projects, meet deadlines, and network with other professionals in the same field making construction planning a breeze. The team reached out interested in a brand refresh, website re-design, new illustrations, and iconography.

My role: Art director, Web UI/UX, Illustrations and Iconography
Creative Director: Jenny Ji  |  Company size: 60   |   Year: 2017


Project Goals

After many years with no change, Creative Director Jenny Ji and her team wanted to do a quick refresh of their current brand. The team wanted to start with a re-design of the current website which would set the tone for the brand refresh. The user base isn't tech savvy, so we did not want to present ourselves as a intimidating corporation, instead we want to position ourselves as being approachable, reliable and friendly. The project consisted of 2 main goals:

1. Brand: Update the brand with a quick refresh with a new color palette, illustration and iconography set that made the brand feel more human and approachable.
2. Website: Re-design current website with better UX/UI to showcase new features, highlight BuildingConnected's service use-cases, and make the company more attractive for future candidates and investors.


Color Palette

The BC team wanted to bring more life and approachability to their palette. I brighten up their color palette with warmer and vibrant colors, as well as adding 3 new accent colors. We also used our larger color palette to identify BC's 3 main use cases: General Contractors, Subcontractors and Real Estate Owners. Now each use case has their own distinct color.


Web Design
User experience and interface

The current website did not reflect all the new features that have been released since it was created. For the new website I wanted to make sure to highlight specific features that were beneficial to each of BuildingConnected's use cases. Due to time constraints on this project, we opted not to use photography and mostly rely on the new color palette, illustration and iconography, and app screenshot assets to tell BuildingConnected's story.