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Learning to Animate


Sometime ago when I was working at Google, I always wanted to learn how to animate -- Specially when I saw all the cool prototypes my colleagues were making. When I asked one of them to teach me how to create animations on After Effects (AE), I was immediately intimidated by AE's interface. I was telling myself "Fu**, I'm never going to learn this." After playing around with the program with the awesome guidance of my colleague, I was able to create a small animation for our app.

I was excited to have create something, but in the end the design and animation ended up not making to the final iteration of the app. It was discouraging to have heard that, and I kind of put the whole animation thing out of my head, and just went back to focusing in other areas of product design.

Much intimidated.

Much intimidated.


Fast forward 2 years later to last night. I opened After Effects, and said to myself "Anna, you can do this." I watched so many tutorials online, and spent a good chunk of my time just trying to figure out what simple and basic commands did... Every time a little thing that went right, I would consider a huge achievement.

Long story short, yesterday I had no idea how to animate in After Effects. Today I kinda know. Tomorrow I will just keep getting better! 

So never give up on learning something, keep at it and kick ass :]

Here are some links to videos that helped me create this:
How to create animated GIFs | SlimJim (James Curran)
After Effects character animation workflow | Emanuele Colombo
How To Make a Cartoon | For Beginners - After Effects Tutorial | Ross Plaskow

My first animation!! (Boo from Super Mario)

My first animation!! (Boo from Super Mario)

Anna Salazar